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    Safe Mining Practice is a Gold Mine

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      Joy Global Inc.
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      R&D/ Engineering
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      Industrial Machinery & Components
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      Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
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      US$1.15 billion
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      SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author, SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM), SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer
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      Dassault Systems, Cortona, Quadraspace
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  • Mining is an essential part of the global economy, and brings raw materials like iron, salt, and coal to manufacturers every day. It is also notoriously risky for miners, who face multiple health and safety hazards. Joy Global works hard to protect the users of their surface and underground mining technologies.


    An essential part of that work is providing excellent training, using the most advanced technologies. With the help of solutions that enable three-dimensional visualization of equipment, Joy Global makes people’s jobs easier and safer, and the company more productive and profitable.

  • Customer Snapshot : History

    The Foundation of Industry

    Joseph F. Joy began working in a coal mine in Maryland at age 12. After laboring in mines for several years while completing a correspondence course in mechanical engineering, the 20-year-old developed drawings that would become the first patented gathering arm loading machine for mining. It was called “the Joy Loader.” Today, the company that bears his name, Joy Global, manufactures and markets original equipment and aftermarket parts and services for the mining industries from facilities and equipment service centers in more than 20 countries.

    1919 - The Joy Machine Company (Joy) was incorporated, and Joseph Joy received a patent for his mechanical loader.

    1920 - The first mechanical loader was delivered to the Pittsburgh Coal Company.

    1924 - Joy’s manufacturing plant moved to their current location in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

    1938 - Joy shipped their first shuttle car.

    1948 - The company produced their first continuous miner and introduced the first high-seam (coal seams taller than 6 feet) shuttle car.

    1972 - Joy introduced both high-seam and low-seam (coal seams shorter than 6 feet) continuous miners.

    1975 - Joy unveiled their first long-wall shearer.

    1976 - Joy produced their first flexible conveyor train.

    1986 - Joy created a low-seam shearer.

    1990 - Joy developed a high-seam shearer.

    2003 - Joy launched the OPTIDRIVE AC variable-frequency drive system.

    2004 - Joy introduced machine-to-surface communications for room and pillar operations.

    2011 - Joy shipped the first simultaneous cutting and ceiling-bolting entry development miner.

  • The Challenge

    From Paper to Digits and Bytes

    Traditional paper-based methods of training and knowledge transfer can’t adequately support the expansion of Joy Global’s manufacturing and service businesses into emerging markets in China and Russia. Joy Global was looking for an end-to-end solution that would increase the speed of information transfer—for both employees and customers—and eliminate the looming expense of producing and printing training and service manuals.

    Needing to find new ways for knowledge transfer
  • Enter SAP

    Needing Another Dimension, Joy Embraces SAP

    One model for everything

    Joy Global provides basic, product and job-specific training to workers at every skill level and every position within the surface and underground mining industry. The company sought solutions that could convey concepts and information about complex equipment easily and more powerfully than could be done with two-dimensional drawings and schematic diagrams. They needed to improve knowledge transfer, particularly for end user safety and productivity.


    SAP’s 3D Visual Enterprise Author application creates interactive, three-dimensional visualizations using data and assets from Joy Global’s computer-aided design (CAD) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Richer, more realistic visualizations of equipment and its proper use, shown with the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer application, improves the effectiveness of safety and process training, and creates a safer and more productive workplace.

    Safety and 3-D drawings
  • Enter SAP : The SAP Experience

    Immediate and Extensive Benefits

    Joy Global quickly recognized the potential impact of implementing SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications. The broad usefulness of the information to manufacturing, training, and service personnel offered the chance to reduce the costs of printing training and service manuals, and simultaneously improve the overall user experience for both training and operations.


    Furthermore, SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications help develop deeper understanding of product construction and use, thus enabling continuous process improvement. To help Joy Global promote the solution internally, personnel from SAP assisted in drafting the business case that was submitted to Joy Global’s executive management.

  • Running Better

    The SAP applications enable Joy Global to combine information like design metadata, manufacturing and assembly processes, supplier information, inventory levels, and costs, and shapes them into a visual presentation. Employees and customers have access to information that lets them visualize equipment, helping improve speed, efficiency, and safety.

  • Running Better : Benefits

    Dramatically Reduced Costs and Higher Profits

    By successfully implementing the SAP Visual Enterprise Author and SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer applications, Joy Global has dramatically reduced material production costs by enabling the reuse of CAD materials and ERP information within training and service publications. Additionally, Joy Global has almost tripled training revenues over the last five years.

    Cost savings with one model

    This year, the company expects to sell approximately $300 million worth of training and service materials based on SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications.

  • Running Better : Today

    Everything is “Net Gain”

    SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications are ideal for using enterprise-wide data to inform and educate global audiences. They also excel at consistently supplying those audiences with the latest information. Furthermore, Joy Global’s total cost of ownership of the software is completely offset by the revenues the company generates by selling the training and service content.

  • Journey Ahead

    Investment in Program Excellence

    The additional insight into their products and processes provided by the capabilities of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications, including interactive three-dimensional visualization, is enabling Joy Global to develop operational excellence programs, which helps identify further process improvements, productivity increases, training revenues, and worker safety initiatives.